Tranquility - Beauty Salon

For best results hair should be 5mm long. It is advised not to have a sunbed, swim, exercise 
or use a sauna immediately before or after waxing.

Full Leg
(45mins) £22.00
3/4 Leg
(30mins) £18.00
Upper Leg
(30mins) £16.00
1/2 Leg
(20mins) £16.00
Full Leg and Bikini (standard)
 (1hr 10mins) £27.00
Hollywood wax
 (1hr) £27.00
Brazilian wax 
 (45mins) £22.00
Bikini line
 (20mins) £09.00
Extended Biniki line
 (30mins) £13.00
Full arm
 (30mins) £18.00
 (20mins) £15.00
Full stomach
Lower Back
 (25mins) £17.00
(15mins) £10.00
Under arm
 (15mins) £08.00
Eyebrow / Lip / Chin / Sides of face (each)
Lip and Chin
 (15mins) £07.00
(15mins) £13.50

Eye Treatments

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to tinting.

Eyebrow Tint
(15mins) £08.00
Eyelash Tint
(15mins) £12.00
Lash and Brow Tint
(20mins) £18.00


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