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Eye and Lash Treatments


Eyelash Tint                                                                                  20mins £14.00
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint                                                            20mins £20.00

Lash Lift
Like an old school perm a lashlift sets the shape of the natural eyelashes, a tint is also included in the process to make the lashes pop.

Lashlifts are perfect for clients who want that extra eye popping look, without the use of eyelash extensions.
The thicker, longer and straighter the natural lashes the better the results.
Lashlifts are designed to create a more uplifted, longer and curlier look with the natural eyelashes.
Lashlifts last around 6-8 weeks depending on the natural lash cycle.
A tint is recommended around 3 weeks after the treatment to enhance the results even more
Lashlift                                                                                                1hr £35.00
Top up tint after 3 weeks                                                               20mins £12.00

Eyelash Extensions

Classic individual eyelash extensions are applied using a 1:1 technique. This method is used by placing 1 lash extensions per 1 natural eyelash.
Classic lashes are great for those looking to give their natural lashes a boost, whilst still maintaining a natural appearance.
Classics are not recommended for those with sparse/damaged eyelashes. The more natural lashes a client has, the more your lash technician can apply.

Full sets take around 1hr 50mins / Infills up to 1hr (Infills are required every 2-3 weeks)

Classic full Set £40.00  /  Classic Infill £28.00

 Mega volume is a super advanced method in which 15-20D hand made fans are applied to each natural lash. Mega volume lashes come in 0.03mm thickness and each 15D fan weighs typically the same a 1 x 0.20 classic lash extension. This means that although super thick, full and dense mega volume do not cause damage
(if correct after care is followed).
Mega volume are perfect for those clients who want that super dramatic strip lash look day to day. They are also perfect for those with sparse natural lashes to create a fuller look.

Full set takes around 2.5-3hours / Infills take around 1hr 20mins 
(Infills are required every 2-3 weeks)

Mega Volume Full Set - £75.00  /  Infill - £35.00

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mix of both classic individual, and Russian volume extensions.
Hybrid are perfect for clients who desire a little more fluff and volume than the single classic method and a little less drama than fuller the Russian volume eyelash extensions.

Full set takes around 1.5-2hrs / Infills up to 1hr 15mins
(Infills are required every 2-3 weeks)

Hybrid lashes Full Set - £50.00 / Infill £28.00

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are the new trend in the eyelash industry. They started in Russian in 2010. They have spread across the globe as many people desire full, luminous lashes instead of just long eyelashes. The classic eyelash extensions added length, but did not add fullness, which is what a lot of people need. If you have very few natural lashes, adding classic extensions can help but volume is what you need. Full lashes look much more natural than just having length alone. Full lashes make it look like you were born with them, rather than that you had them applied.

Full set takes up to 2hrs / Infills up to 1hr 15mins
(Infills are required every 2-3 weeks)

Russian lashes 2D,3D Full Set £55.00 /  4D,6D Full Set £60.00  /  Infill £30.00

*Please note an infill appointment is between 40/50% of the eyelash extensions remaining. Anything less than this and a full set may
be required.*

 A patch test is required 24 hours prior to any tints, adhesives or perming solutions
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